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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the difference between a Celebrant and a Registrar?
    There are some differences. A registrar will perfom the legal wedding ceremony but has to stick to a pretty rigid script and, whilst you may be able to include readings, you will not be permitted to have anything with any religious or spiritual content. You may have a limited choice of vows, but you probably won’t be able to use your own. You may meet your registrar once beforehand, but he or she will not be able to spend as much time getting to know you. Also, a registrar’s ‘slot’ even when coming out to your venue, will typically be around 20/30 minutes. A Celebrant however will liaise closely with you and help with ideas and planning, to make a unique and personalised ceremony that you want. So I will write a personalised script just for you to reflect the ceremony and all involved, I will be with you throughout your ceremony, so no rushed departure from me, and I will ensure the ceremony is how you want it to be from start to end. A personal service that's friendly and professional
  • Is a wedding with a Celebrant legal?
    The beauty of a wedding held by a celebrant is that you are not constrained by legalities. Although a wedding held by a celebarnt is not legal, you can easily do the legal part at your local registry office, and then do the ceremony separately - (usually in the same week or two, but it’s up to you). You can also have a registra attend your wedding for the legal signing but you'll have to pay them to cattend as well as your celebrant. Doing the legal bit first, allows you to have your wedding ceremony wherever and however you want, for your special day. Plus, with a Celebrant – you will be getting a bespoke, personalised wedding – just the way you want it to be and in any location. The same applies to funerals. The death of a loved one must be registered at the local register office in the district where the death occurred. Then you can have a more personalised Funeral or Memorial Ceremony service, that can be held anywhere and in anyway the family wish.
  • What can we include in a Celebrant led ceremony?
    For Weddings, Vow Renewals, baby/child Naming and Renaming Ceremonies your ceremony can include pretty much anything you like! Some prefer a more traditional ceremony in structure and wording. Others prefer a more creative ceremony which can include; handfasting, unity candles, sand or stone ceremonies and ring blessings…there’s plenty of idea, so just be imaginative! For a Funeral, again this can be traditional, religious in content or something different using more creative rituals and symbolisms and humanist ceremonies, befitting the special tribute your family want to have for your loved one. This can include; natural burials, scattering of the ashes, releasing of balloons, lighting of candles etc.. It can be held at a crematorium, cemetery, or green burial site. However, as funeral ceremonies have no legal status, they can be held wherever you choose -and it can be a quiet intimate good-bye or a full-on farewell party.
  • Can our Ceremony be held abroad?
    Although I am based in Sussex, in the Southeast of England, as your celebrant I can travel anywhere to deliver your special ceremony. If you are happy to pay for my travel expenses and accommodation (if required), then I’m happy to travel and I will be there for you… even if it's on the other side of the world. Best get that passport ready! :)
  • How much does a Celebrant cost?
    Costs depend on what type of Ceremony you would like to have, where it's being held and what is included in the ceremony. My fees range from £250 to £800 (there may be additional expenses for travel over x 1 hour, and for flights and accommodation. if required) Please get in touch for more information
  • What will I as your Celebrant provide for your Wedding Ceremony?
    As your Celebrant, I provide a warm and friendly, professional and efficient service, that is tailor-made just for you. Your Wedding Day is a guaranteed booking for the day. I book out the whole day, so you know I’m there just for you. Our first meeting (preferably face to face otherwise on Zoom), where we discuss ideas for your wedding and get to know each other a little. A Questionnaire for you both to fill in, so I get to know more about you - this really helps me to write your script and make it personal to you The first draft of your script and any amendments needed, and we’ll firm up the details of what the ceremony will include. A unique wedding ceremony script, written by me for you. This can be tweaked and added to until you are both 100% happy with it. Help writing your vows if you wish. Advice on readings, ceremonies, and other aspects of the wedding day itself. Access to me throughout the whole process – I’m on the other end of the phone, an email or on zoom. A wedding rehearsal, (if required and dependant on venue availability and travel permitting). Your big day has arrived yippee! - and I will present your special ceremony A special wedding script presentation for you to keep Again for all other Ceremonies, I will provide you with great ideas, planning support. I will write a bespoke and personalised ceremony script, ensure resources are available that you want included within the ceremony, and I will present and afficiate at your ceremony. I will liaise with you, and be there for any help or advice. I'm only a phone call away!
  • Is your service inclusive to all?
    Yes, as a Celebrant I practice discrimination-free celebrancy. I will not discriminate against anyone on the grounds of religion or other beliefs, disability, mental health, race, culture, gender, gender reassignment, LGBTQ, age, marital or parental status. I honour the right of each human being to celebrate their life and my ethos is to provide inclusiveness and equality for all.
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